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Breakconvention is a live music event promotions company. Our work capabilities are focused upon:

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Breakconvention – Company history / What we do.

In July 2006 Breakconvention live began managing and promoting live music events in London. The company was founded by three friends with a shared passion for live music.

Working in partnership with Record Labels, Band Managers, Talent Agencies, Record Stores, Hospitality brands we have produced quality live music event experiences in both London, England & Brussels, Belgium.

In live music promotion, time management is crucial to ensure effective marketing execution. We like to begin work on planning an event four to six months in advance, then ramp up marketing activity eight weeks before the event date.

We act as the central point of contact for everyone involved in our events. We book venue’s, the bands, and are responsible for all financial arrangements. We oversee creative production and distribution all our marketing materials.

We work closely with ticket sales vendors & venue management to ensure all (front of house) ticket sales information is in place to guarantee smooth guest entrance to each event. Working with Sound Engineers (back of house) we ensure all technical, AV production arrangements are made in advance of each event, to enable each performer to be presented to the best of our ability.

To date, Breakconvention has successfully produced 48 concerts in London and two events in Brussels. Line-ups have featured some of the best emerging bands from the UK including ‘Waylayers’, ‘Roo Panes’, ‘Josh Flowers’, ‘The Collectable Few’, ‘Escapists’, ‘Alex Vargas’ in addition to Ireland’s ‘In Their Thousands’, and Belgium’s ‘Joy Wellboy’.

We have hosted events at many famous London venues, these include Bush Hall, The Borderline and The Barfly (re-named Camden Assembly) and Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen which have long historical associations with the indie, pop and rock music genres.

We tailor bespoke marketing strategies for each event. We administrator all Social Media Marketing on behalf of the Artists we work with. We employ a combination of PPC adverts and posts to engage fans. We carefully manage marketing budget allocation and monitor / report upon our marketing activities. Our posts, feature video content, posters, photos, MP3 download promotions and ticket vendor links. In addition to the above, we distribute content on recognised blogger and social media influencer websites and use A/B testing to ensure engagement.

Historically, we have used music video content to great effect. Our promotion strategies often employ a timed video release from the headline or support band in advance of an event. We then distribute the videos on Social Media, Magazine blogs & Industry websites featuring embedded ticket vendor links to drive engagement and ticket sales for the live event.

Breakconvention has always held a passion for producing music video content. In March 2013, we filmed a series of live performance videos for the band ‘Tinlin’ at Birmingham symphony Hall, where the band supported Paul Carrack. These videos can be seen here:

‘Breakconvention consistently marketed well-attended live music events, which made great ticket sales and bar take profits for The Borderline, London’ – Gemma Gilford (Mama Co.) Ex-Borderline & Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen – Venue Manager.